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This is why I prefer tea. Warning! Vulgar language. Not appropriate for small pets.

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Food blogging

I think I really like this idea.

::the daily bread:: a food blog

Kiplog’s Food Blog

The Food Section

101 cookbooks

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Sad news. Alistair Cooke is dead at age 95. I still remember watching Masterpiece Theatre with my Dad and imitating Mr. Cooke’s delivery when I wanted to seem erudite and educated. Godspeed.

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The always interesting Jeff Jarvis posts about a visit to his childhood home and remarks about a nearby mall: “For all the time I spent in it, it’s strange: Not a single memory of the place. Malls cauterize memory.”

Oddly enough I have the opposite reaction. A lot of my earlier memories are a blur, but I still have vivid memories of Security Square Mall, near where I grew up in Baltimore County. My sister and I went on shopping trips with my mom and grandmother a couple times a month. It’s strange how such commonplace memories remain a decade or two later.


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“Finish him!”

Rumsfeld’s mastery of exotic fighting techniques is widely known. Only now can the full extent of his plans be revealed to a trembling world!

We can only hope that the administration’s renewed interest in these matters will revive DARPA’s stalled next-generation Flying Guillotine project. Beware!

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The Space Review: Whispers in the echo chamber (page 1)

Of course this is the way that the media world works for many things in politics: reporters on deadline do not bother to check facts; complex subjects are summarized in such a way that information is not only lost but distorted; bad editing introduces major errors; political lobbying groups are willing to wildly exaggerate the costs of programs they oppose; hyperbole is repeated as fact by reporters; and pundits are also perfectly willing to invent numbers that suit their purposes. A gold-plated and unrealistic cost estimate from 1989 was accepted at face value nearly 15 years later, adjusted for inflation, then rounded up by nearly 60% by a reporter. Others then inflated it even more. And for weeks nobody in the media bothered to question it.

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No, not that Kirby, the stylish chrome plated art deco vacuum cleaners. I have a 500-something that I bought from my great aunt a few years ago. This page will help me identify exactly which model it actually is.

Kirby Vacuum “500 Series” Details

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Me want

Removable Space Invaders wall decals!

blik INVADER is out of this world.

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The Sect of Homokaasu

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I am Megatron!

And, as everyone knows, you don’t mess with Megatron. For all my evident Megatron-ness, I never figured out why Megatron was content to be a gun weilded by his incompetent and treacherous underlings, like that whining idiot Starscream.

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

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