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Some kind of mysterious dog-like animal was seen in Baltimore County two weeks ago. Predictably, some have let their imaginations run wild. Here’s an article on the continuing attempts to identify the creature.

nbc4.com – News – Maryland Mystery Animal ‘Seen’ All Over The World

Looks like a hyena to me. But it’s probably a chupacabra, or maybe a hellhound.

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An unusually insightful article from Esquire by someone who is not a fan of GWB.

Esquire: The Case for George W. Bush | Powered by KeepMedia

As easy as it is to say that we can’t abide the president because of the gulf between what he espouses and what he actually does , what haunts me is the possibility that we can’t abide him because of us—because of the gulf between his will and our willingness. What haunts me is the possibility that we have become so accustomed to ambiguity and inaction in the face of evil that we find his call for decisive action an insult to our sense of nuance and proportion.

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A very urban cool photoblog: Satan’s Laundromat

via ZuDfunck’s Sampler

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Echo And The Bunnymen


Senators Kerry and Nelson amuse crowds at the Democratic National Convention with their trademark “brain eater” routine.

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A really nice Regular Expression Tester.

Regular expression can be a pain to test, particularly when your app is a batch process. This is the nicest online expression tester I’ve seen so far.

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Dean asks if conservatives will stand behind President Kerry, if it comes to that.

Yes. For the record, I take Dean’s Pledge. I will support a President Kerry (no matter how much it hurts to type). I’ll be damned if I let myself turn into a DU/Freeper self-parody, and a weak wartime President is something we just can’t afford.

I didn’t vote for Clinton, and I won’t vote for Kerry. Right now I think that Kerry can win; I don’t think it would be good, justified, or smart to elect Kerry, but it could happen.

Personally, Clinton was a slippery scoundrel and I didn’t like him very much. But he was competent in office and he did not deserve the bashing he got from the right. I’d hope to be able to say at least they same of Kerry, and I’ll back him up as best I can if he does win this election.

Sadly, however, I don’t think Kerry/Edwards have what it takes to continue this war at the pace and scope required. And I don’t think their cabinet level appointments would be anywhere near as effective as those we have now. Yes, post-election events and information may eventually convince their administration to follow in Bush’s footsteps, but while they’re reluctantly getting their turbines to speed the bad guys will be redoubling their efforts.

As I see it, though, that’s all more more reason for belivers in Bush’s policies to support a President Kerry. Because someday, in all likelyhood, he’ll be forced to do things abroad and at home that his current base won’t like one bit. When that happens he’ll need our help and our sincere support in order to do it right. For our country’s sake, I hope we’re all up to it.

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A friend directed me to this picture from CNN with the comment that Kerry “Looks like a ken doll that has aged for the worse”.

Is that scary or what? When it’s time to remove his makeup the poor man will need to soak his head in industrial solvent. After that last treatment, botulism toxin may have to be added to the endangered species list.

Why is Kerry so concerned about looking young, anyway? After all, Bush has visibly aged over his last four years in office and you don’t see him troweling it on.

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My Tivo caught a few episodes of the Buck Rogers series, which aired from 1979 – 1981 on NBC. Yes, Twiki is one of the most annoying robots of all time, and many of the futuristic sets look suspiciously like parking garages. But the show also had some redeeming qualities, particularly during the first season. The special effects weren’t bad for the time, and the writers seemed to appreciate the material.

I noticed that the writers had some fun with the background spaceport chatter in “The Plot to Kill a City” episode: A call for “Adam Strange from Alpha Centauri”, flights leaving to Thanagar, Kembel, and Tantalus 4. I also noticed that Markie Post was really hot back then – another aspect of the show that I was a bit too young to appreciate at the time.

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Apollo 17 Mission Last man on the Moon – Full Screen QTVR panorama from panoramas.dk

Damn it, we need to go back.

via Lileks

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Dinar time?

This looks interesting.

Bank On Iraq – Order the New Iraqi Dinar

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