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Save the Twinkies

Hostess (aka Interstate Bakeries) faces bankruptcy!

Another victim of the low-carb craze, shares of the nation’s largest wholesale baker plunged 42% yesterday after the company delayed its annual report and hired a bankruptcy specialist.

In March, Interstate suspended its dividend and began closing plants as a changing American diet cut demand for its carbohydrate-rich breads and cakes. It still bakes Wonder bread in Jamaica, Queens.

Damn Atkins. Damn you to hell.

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The Antichrist Candidate

Politics has always been nasty, and usually much nastier than it is today. As if pistol duels between politicians wasn’t proof enough, this catchy little ditty from the William H. Harrison / Martin Van Buren campaign of 1840. Man, if I were running for President I’d definitely want a song like that about me. It’s like 19th-century Nick Cave song.

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A home for sale

And it comes with free puppies.

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Glenn Reynolds has a great column about our society’s inherent strengths and how they contribute to disaster preparedness. He’s right, as usual.

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Look, I have mixed feelings about 527’s and related campaign finance reforms. But why is it that Kerry’s silly claims that Bush is behind the Swiftvets go unchallenged while his own tangled web is never even mentioned?

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It’s not small, no no no!

A part of this complete breakfast.

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Mac Word 6.0

Computer industry war stories like this one fascinate me, even though I’ve never used any version of Mac Word for more than about 5 minutes. That looks like a very interesting blog if you have similar interests.

I stumbled on this while looking for information on Microsoft’s Pyramid project, an aborted early 90’s project (see the link) that was intended as a complete rewrite of the MS Word codebase. That, in turn, was prompted by another read of Joel Spolsky’s excellent and often cited article about the dangerous appeal such rewrites have for frustrated programmers. The Internet is a dangerous place for compulsive researchers like me.

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