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Some pictures from GA

I’ve posted a new photo album of pictures taken here on St. Simons during our honeymoon. It’s over on the left with the other albums.

This set of 30 pics includes just a few highlights of our trip so far. Working with images on this slow old laptop (a Pentium II 266 – zooom!) is a bit of a chore, so the pics have only minimal processing. I’ll be uploading some more a bit later. Feel free to leave comments. Enjoy!

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Georgia on my mind…

I’m away with my lovely new wife on our honeymoon on St. Simons Island, Georgia. My sister is house- and cat-sitting for us. Posting will be light to nonexistent until I return.


A view of the beach from our rear deck. I’ll post some more pictures as I have time. Darn modem connections!

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Power Line has some tart words for the LA Times.

A notable quotable from the LA Times:

CBS’ real error was trying to prove a point that didn’t really need to be proved. It doesn’t take documents for anyone to realize that Bush pulled strings to get into the National Guard. And, during the Vietnam draft, nobody went into the National Guard out of passion to defend his country. It also doesn’t take new documents to establish that Bush shirked even his National Guard duties when he moved to Alabama and then to Harvard Business School.

Decisively missing the point, the LA Times rushes into the exact same mistake made by Dan Rather and his acolytes at CBS. They started with an assumption and made up stuff to fit. In this case by presuming that the forged documents were authentic because they made derogatory statements about Bush that they already “knew” were true. And how did they know these things were true? Don’t be ridiculous! It’s right there in the documents!

It’s that sort of thing that made the sad sacks CBS so ripe for fleecing. The same dogma-as-reporting approach that led the Boston Globe to make fools of themselves with fake Abu Gharib photos. The LA Times is a strong contender to be the next king-sized sucker.

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Kerry me back to Vietnam

A nice summary of the questions raised about John Kerry’s service in Vietnam.

As with the current forged memo scandal, this media has responded to this issue by alternately ignoring and obfuscating. Two frequently needed skills which have replaced actual reporting and fact-checking, which apparently aren’t important enough for journalists to bother with anymore.

(via Patterico’s Pontifications)

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101-280: Day 4: Rather Keeping, Ignoring Job

I apologize for the digression into specialized computer terminology here, but: this is ultra-super-thwackingly obviously a Microsoft Word file, for christ’s sake, are you people at CBS frigging insane?

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Pejmanesque: has a great post on John Kerry’s brilliant policy for solving the North Korea nuclear situation.

I love this quote from Kerry:

“They haven’t made it work, they haven’t put anything real on the table.”

Ah, ok. Here I thought the problem was an insane dictator starving his country to death while threatening his neighbors with nuclear weapons that he promised never to build. But Kerry shrewdly realizes that this whole problem is really our fault. It would go away if the UN would just “put on the table” whatever “real” things North Korea wants. A true diplomatic genius, that man.

And because “hypotheticals are not real”, in the inconceivable event that his policy doesn’t work, we don’t even want to think about alternatives. Bad thoughts make brain hurt! In the face of nuclear threats the world needs to relax and Visualize Whirled Peas.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kerry has “declined to be prescriptive”.

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Via the blogging powerhouses at Powerline, here’s a very helpful visual summary of the issues surrounding CBS’s mystery documents: CBS Forged Documents

The lame and dishonest responses to the mounting evidence that these are sloppy, modern forgeries isn’t convincing anyone.

Update: Another expert provides his verdict: an obvious forgery. (via LGF)

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Remembering 9-11

Instapundit’s roundup of notable links

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An excellent article by the always impressive Victor David Hanson. Go read it now: VDH’s Private Papers :: The Fruits of Appeasement

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Getting More Out Of Gmail

Justin Blanton | Getting More Out Of Gmail

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