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The NY Post has a nice summary on the ridiculous NYT/CBS missing explosives non-story.

Read it.


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I’ll swallow your SOUL!

You are an Evil Dead Zombie. The spirits of the
dead took over your body in a lonely cabin, and
now it’s your job to kick some Ash ass. Sadly,
while you’ll succeed in beating the bejeezus
out of Ash repeatedly, he will ultimately wipe
you from existence. You can only be killed by
bodily dismemberment.

What kind of Zombie are you?
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via Michele at ASV

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Where should you vote?

I’ve moved since the last Presidential election, and until I got a notice in the mail I wasn’t quite sure just where I was supposed to cast my ballot. If you’re wondering about that too, take a look at MyPollingPlace.com

Due to threats of rampant fraud, most states are being far more strict about voting in the correct precinct than they have been in the past.

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The Belgravia Dispatch has some reality-based critiques for certain recent Bush defectors.

We are engaged in an effort in Iraq that will likely prove generational in duration and is of the utmost strategic import. There is far too much easy grousing from the sidelines and wails of despair from those who might demand instant gratification and success. To be sure, massive blunders have occurred in Iraq. But real adjustments in course, contra popular belief, have been undertaken to address them.

Of all the criticisms of Bush, I think that the accusation that he’s somehow grossly mishandled Iraq is the least credible. Particularly since most of the people making these criticisms have nothing helpful to offer when asked what they’d have done differently.

John Kerry spins stupid accusations based on false news stories, prattles on about his secret plans, boasts about ficticious meetings with UN officials, and while insulting our current allies he claims the support of other “allies” who have no interest in helping at all.

Also take a gander at this related post on Redstate.org

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Still not a nuisance.

Michelle Malkin points out that…

On a related note, I heard a Bush campaign ad yesterday (while watching Michael Smerconish’s radio show on C-SPAN) accusing Kerry of saying terrorism is just a nuisance. That’s not what Kerry said, and the Bush campaign knows it.

Kudos to Michele for being fair, and I haven’t heard the radio spot in question so maybe she’s right to criticize the Bush campaign.

But in this case I do think she’s mistaken.

Kerry’s infamous quote:

”We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they’re a nuisance.”

So, obviously, Kerry does indeed think that terrorism could accurately be described as a nuisance. Sorry, I agree with ASV, terrorism was never a nuisance.

Is the statement being taken out of context, or blown out of proportion? That was quite possibly the single most stupid and scary thing Kerry has said during this campaign, and he richly deserves to be hit over the head with it as often as possible.

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I want >> camera lenses that create a movable ‘sweet spot’ area of focus” href=”http://lensbaby.com/index.php”>one of these.

Some more reviews and conversation:

My new Lensbaby arrived today! First shots…: Canon EOS 20D/10D/D60/D30 Forum: Digital Photography Review

PhotographyBLOG -:- Reviews -:- Lensbaby

CameraHobby – Lensbaby by LensBabies LLC Review

Or maybe I’ll paw through my Dad’s box of old camera junk and see if I can make one of my own

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The Boston Strangler?

Get a load of the picture accompanying this CNN story. CNN.com – Heinz Kerry apologizes for remark, publically strangles First Lady Laura Bush.

(via my lovely wife)

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