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There’s been an oil spill on the Deleware River. Scott Kerwin has a suggestion for how you can help . As this story shows, private groups like Tri-State Bird Rescue are the best way to address threats like this. I’ve made a small donation. Consider helping them out if you can.

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Cold Fury has some calm, measured words for certain Democrats:

I mean, seriously; if you truly believe that all
this is now in the process of happening right before your very eyes,
doesn’t it become incumbent upon you, as the most basic imaginable of
moral obligations, to do something to prevent it, or overturn it? I
mean, obviously, you tried peaceful means of stopping us, but that
didn’t work—because us right-wingnuts rigged the election and
disenfranchised everybody. And you can’t go to the courts because
they’re in the Bushitler’s pocket too, all the way up to the Supreme
Court, which you’ve been saying for four years now illegally handed him
the White House after the tainted 2000 “election.” So your last legal,
nonviolent means of resistance has been taken away from you, and you
can’t even count on the media to publicize the reality of what’s going
on because of their right-wing slant, their fondness for the status
quo, and of course the fact that they’re really nothing but
money-grubbing corporations themselves whose only concern is the bottom

So what’s left, Lefties? Where do you go from here? What are you gonna do about it?

tell you what you’re going to do about it: you’re not going to do one
damned thing but continue with your whining, that’s what, and it’s not
because deep down you’re all cowards either. It’s because deep down,
you know you’re full of shit. You don’t even believe half the stuff
you’re currently crying about yourselves.

Preach on, Brother Mike! Read the whole thing.

He makes a good observation. One that I’ve asked (albeit a bit more gently) many times in the past.

If you really believe that the Right Wing Death Squads are planning to kill you in your sleep, you’re not going to sit at home, eat delivery pizza, and talk about it on Democratic Underground via your cable modem. If you have shocking information that electronic voting and RFID chips have brought about the facist millitary-industrial warmonger technocracy then you’re not going to log into your Slashdot account and watch anime while waiting for your comment to be modded +5 Insightful.

No, you’d be arming yourself in a secluded mountain cabin surrounded by sophisticated survelliance and booby traps, living on the stockpiles of Y2K supplies you bought with untraceable cash using a web of false identities.

Sure, there are a few people who really do believe things like that, people who really do live their lives that way. But that’s because they’re completely insane. And despite what they may say, even your typical Democrat isn’t that far gone.

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Gone Fisheye-ing

Link: Experiences with the Peleng 3.5/8 mm Fisheye.

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The Triadex Muse

Engadget has a post on a really neat looking vintage synth, the Triadex Muse. I want my PC to look like that.

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Stop! Retail Scum!

What do you do with a Stormtrooper outfit and some free time? Go to Walmart!

The sad thing is that if I had a costume, I might actually do that too.

(via the Walmart watchers at Always Low Prices – Always)

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A beautiful gallery of photos from India. Taken, as it happens, with a Canon EOS 300D.  Be sure to look through his other galleries, also.

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Ah, the memories. The VIC was my first computer. Compared to the neighbor’s Atari 800 it’s graphics were rather primitive, but it was much nicer than the creaky TRS-80 Model III’s at school.

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