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Beats all you never saw!

So, do you have a fondness for leggy brunette farmer’s daughters wearing short-shorts? Enjoy leaping your 1969 Dodge Charger over the county line? Do you spend a lot of time on the run from corrupt local lawmen?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions then chances are you also need a steady source of income. Well, then, you have what it takes to be the new VP of the Dukes of Hazzard Institute! Relax, my redneck friend, for your future is assured!

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Cold Fury’s burning glare is focused on the anti-millitary sentiments that seem deeply engrained in the minds of many liberals. As usual, their arguments and rationalizations do not fare withstand much scrutiny.

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Greece is the word

A really beautiful album of photos from Greece. Great scenery and compostion.

via Digital Grin

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Cube of Light

Hmm. This EZCube portable light tent is a clever idea. The construction reminds me of the folding wire and fabic clothes hampers in my bathroom.

I just took some food photographs for a project I’m doing with a friend. The photos turned out great, but something like this could’ve made the process much easier and quicker. It’s not cheap though.

Here’s an older discussion thread with a few samples.

And, even better, here’s an nice article with some ideas for making your own light tent. I think I’m going to try just that.

UPDATE: Some other nifty DIY photo equipment ideas at Digital Grin. The string tripod looks very handy.

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I haven’t really made up my mind about the No Child Left Behind Act, so consequently I’m not quite sure how I feel about this latest "revolt" against NCLB.

One thing I do know is that I’m am not very sympathetic to public school administrators or teachers. They’ve had decades of time and billions of dollars to fix public education system and have repeatedly squandered the opportunity. If they hate NCLB then I’m inclined to like it.

I don’t like the idea of the federal gov’t micromanaging local school decisions. But there’s a reason why NCLB exists, and it’s simple, really: Do your job or someone else will do it for you. We have local school boards, local school administrators, local teachers, unions, and heaven knows how many other groups who should theoretically be able to do this job. And yet they seem unable to do so.

The number of kids graduated from high school who are effectively illiterate is absolutely shameful. Frankly, teaching is not some mystical magical skill that basic skills like reading and math are not difficult. I can only conclude that they either don’t care or they’re too busy wasting time with other non-essential stuff. If they intend to fix the system it’s time to either start helping the students or get out of the way.

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David Plowden

I’ve never heard of David Plowden before, but I really like his photos.

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Which media player is best?

Peeve Farm.

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