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Bionic typewriter

A labor of love to hack an antique Smith-Corona manual typerwriter to function as a computer keyboard.

Man, lookat all them wires.

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The Photobloggies

The 2005 Photobloggies award winners have been announced. All types of photography and locations around the wold are represented, so you’re sure to find something you like!

I’d never heard of this competition, but it sounds like a really good idea. They’re designed to find the best photobloggers on the Internet, as select by readers and other photographers. There’s obviously a lot of talent out there.

I enjoy visiting photoblogs but they make me feel guilty somehow. I’ve wanted to start my own real photoblog forever, but I just don’t have the time to take many good photos lately. I’m also perpetually torn over which album site (if any) I should use. Flickr or Smugmug? Or TypePad’s own rather sucky album feature? I want the ability to post full-size images, because I really don’t like tiny photos where the detail gets lost, but that’ll require a subscription service, and I already pay for TypePad… And so forth.

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Rockin’ the Cantina

ASV’s awesomely geeky song of the day:

My backpack’s got jets. I’m Boba the Fett.

I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt to finance my ‘Vette.

I chill in deep space, a mask is over my face.

I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes

Coz my time I don’t like to waste.
Get down.

Seldom do I use the word awesome, but   this is awesome. Go listen to the mp3.

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When Gargantua Attacked!


From the November 1941 issue of Popular Science magazine comes this advertisment for Eveready batteries. It stars Zookeeper Richard Kroemer and his pal Gargantua, the huge gorilla featured for many years in the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Gargantua was quite a celebrity in his day, and Richard Kromer was a guest on the Fred Allen radio show back in 1941. (If I can track that episode down I’ll post it here.)

500 Pound Monster!

Click the image above to see the full page.
The whole thing is hilarious, but I highlighted my favorite part. "Oh yeah, the giant gorilla wants to kill me! I forgot all about

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An interesting perspective on the Schiavo matter from a man with cerebral palsy who narrowly missed being euthanized himself:

Like many others with disabilities, I believe that
the American public, to one degree or another, holds that disabled
people are better off dead.

This attitude has bothered me, too. People ask, rhetorically, if you would like to live in her condition. The assumed answer is generally "no", which sort of ruins any chance for an actual discussion. Those with mental disabilites are lumped in with people who are terminally ill, as though their brain injury or defect makes them effectively half-dead already. It’s not fair, and it’s not accurate.


While I’m on this topic let me second Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Reynolds, and The Anchoress, and James Lileks. Opposition to removing the feeding tube is emphatically not a "Christian Right" issue. Randall Terry is a warped, fringe-dwelling, self-aggrandizing asshole, and the media folks
who present him as some sort of mainstream Christian spokesman are
either liars or idiots. I’m a Christian, like most Americans, but I have no desire to bring about an "American theocracy" or any other ridiculous overwrought accusations that some have made. And at no point in my arguments about this case have I invoked religion to make a point, because it’s not necessary and because it’s simply an ineffective way to argue. And, as Michael Barone says, This is the hardest kind of issue to decide because most people on both sides are acting from heartfelt honest conviction.

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Ghost Ads

A great photoblog of fading advertising murals with the history of each of the products advertised. Many of the ads have outlived the companies they were created to promote. Will any of today’s ad campaigns have this kind of staying power? (via Signal vs. Noise)

The multitalented James Lileks has a set of photos with this same theme, and here are a bunch more from Merry Olde Englande.

I love this sort of thing. Westminster some nice ghost ads of its own; I’ll get out and take some photos when the weather turns nicer.

UPDATE: I can’t believe I forgot 14 to 42, a site specializing in NY signage from 14th Street to 42nd Street.. And yet more antique ads can be found on Forgotten-NY.com (you may need to temporarily disable any advertising blocking to see the images; the "ADS" in the URL may cause them to be blocked.)

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A creepy tour of the Sathorn Mansion/Russian Embassy in Thailand, abandoned for a number of years:

The vacant and mysterious Luang Sathorn Mansion and former Russian Embassy. See soundproof and metal-lined rooms, a labyrinth of windowless chambers, and rooms with no apparent way in…

A very strange place.

via Boing Boing

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A panoramic protest

From Taiwan comes this very impressive panoramic photo from inside one of the huge independence marches going on right now. It’s a cool photo even if you have no interest in the protest itself.

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Remember the free-speech crackdown the FEC is trying to pull? Did you make your feelings known to them? If so, you should pat yourself on the back, becuase you probably made a real difference:

The March 10 draft would have forced bloggers "to comply with the
entirety of the regulations that apply to paid political advertising on
television, radio and broadcast. It gives no substantive exception and
even goes so far as to regulate in some circumstances a free blog on a
free blog host."

If you haven’t spoken up then you should consider doing so soon, because this isn’t over yet. I was skeptical about this whole issue too, but the FEC had this draft on hand even as they were saying that they had no intention of regulating blogs. The early warning this issue recieved probably avoided disaster.

Redstate has much more on the earlier March 10th draft of the regulations. It has some wording that’ll make your skin crawl. Basically, they started with the premise that they have jurisdiction over your web site, email communications, and podcasts, and then proceeded to explain what you could and could not say in support/opposition of a candidate. Redstate calls it "heinous", and I can’t help but agree.

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ASCII Generator

/\  _`\                                    
\ \ \L\ \  _ __   __  __     __      ___   
\ \  _ <'/\`'__\/\ \/\ \  /'__`\  /' _ `\ 
  \ \ \L\ \ \ \/ \ \ \_\ \/\ \L\.\_/\ \/\ \
   \ \____/\ \_\  \/`____ \ \__/.\_\ \_\ \_\
    \/___/  \/_/   `/___/> \/__/\/_/\/_/\/_/

  (, /    )               
    /---(  __      _  __ 
) / ____)/ (_(_/_(_(_/ (_
(_/ (        .-/         

both made with the cool ASCII Generator app.

(via del.icio.us)

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