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You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

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Military Closing Mountain Complex

The military is virtually closing the secretive defense complex carved into Cheyenne Mountain that for decades has monitored North American skies for threats, a newspaper reported.

The Denver Post reported late Thursday that the North American Aerospace Defense Command operations center will be moved to nearby Peterson Air Force Base, which is home to the U.S. Northern Command created after the Sept. 11 attacks.

No, this must not be allowed. Cheyenne Mountain is just too cool to be mothballed. Besides, where will WOPR live now? You know how cranky he gets if he doesn’t have someone to play chess with.

via Fark

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My wife sent me this video. She knows me too well.



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A peculiar story from the BBC NEWS:

A rise in young people carrying mobile phones and MP3 players is being blamed for street robberies and muggings jumping by 8% last year.

So young people are using mobile phones and MP3 players to rob people? Hmm. That introduction doesn’t make much sense. Let’s read on:

The latest crime figures include a 10% rise in gunpoint robberies.

"This is largely driven by a rise in the numbers of young people carrying expensive goods, such as mobile phones and MP3 players," he said.

Ahh, I see. So the real reason for the 8% jump in robberies and muggings is more armed thugs with guns. Which, in turn, is caused by ridiculously lax policing, a populace that’s been disarmed and forbidden to own guns, and laws that are just as likely to prosecute the victim if they use a weapon to defend themselves.

But fixing those laws and admitting that their gun control policies doesn’t work is really hard, and also kind of embarassing for the BBC since they’ve advocated those policies for decades. So instead we’ll write our story to blame the robbery victims for daring to be so bold as to carry "expensive" things like mobile phones and MP3 players while walking around in public. Stupid victims!

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Tell me the truth. Are you a whining, undisciplined bohemian of questionable character, or a merciless authoriarian just itching to take over and make those damn trains finally run on time? Take The F Scale test and all will be revealed!

I’m not so sure about the likes of you, but my score is a highly respectable 3.2: "You are disciplined but tolerant; a true American."

Sounds about right.

via Dean (who’s a good sort, despite his pitiful 2.8)

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I, for one, welcome our new giant wasp overlords.

Especially if they give me that 1955 Chevy when they’re done with it. I mean, they may have developed a superintelligent hive-mind and all, but they still can’t reach the pedals.

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Very Superstitious

The 70’s were far from perfect, but the decade had its moments. Say what you will about the excesses of disco, but there was some fine music to be found. For example,things got mighty funky when Stevie Wonder visited Sesame Street and went all out with an awesome live performance. Dig it.

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Apparently the NYT really likes shoplifters and really hates Wal-Mart. At least, that’s the only reason I can think of to print this story:

Some Leeway for the Small Shoplifter – New York Times

But now, in a rare display of limited permissiveness, Wal-Mart is
letting thieves off the hook — at least in cases involving $25 or less.

According to internal documents, the company, the nation’s
largest retailer and leading destination for shoplifting, will no
longer prosecute first-time thieves unless they are between 18 and 65
and steal merchandise worth at least $25, putting the chain in line
with the policies of many other retailers.

The NYT says it got word of this new policy from a stack of internal documents sent to them by an activist group that thinks Wal-Mart should be unionized. I suppose we should be grateful that they deigned to tell us one of their sources, but when that source is clearly hostile to Wal-Mart’s management one has to wonder about their motivation for providing the information to the newspaper. And about the Times’ motivations for running the story.

As it happens, I tend to agree with the critics of this new policy
quoted in the article. But what possible relevance does an internal policy change at one retail chain have to the general public? Why
is it newsworthy? If someone sends them information about how to best exploit Target’s shoplifting policy, will they print that, too? Sears? Best Buy?

Tell me, where’s the best news-stand to steal a copy of the New York Times?

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Mr. Yuk is Mean!

Mr. Yuk is GREEEN!

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Mac vs. PC, Round 2

I think Mr. PC getting annoyed. Not that I blame him.

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