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Retro poster goodness

I’m a sucker for vintage style posters, and this one nails the style perfectly.

The red part is slightly too busy for my tastes, though true to the period feel. Overall I like it. Very striking.

via The Corner

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35,000 Missing People in NY

At least, they’re missing from your newspaper. Did you know that 35,000 people gathered at a pro-Israel anti-Iran rally yesterday to protest Iran’s murderously insane President Ahmadinejad speaking at the UN? That speakers included our UN Ambassador John Bolton and NY’s Governor Pataki?

I didn’t hear a thing about it, and I doubt you did either, since apparently only the NY Sun and Daily news bothered to mention it. I wonder why that is? It certainly seems like a major story to me, one that one of the wire services or the NY Times could’ve spared a reporter or at least a photographer to cover.

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Angered Hussein: ‘We will crush your heads’

They forgot to mention Saddam Hussein’s favorite spot on Flickr.

I probably shouldn’t laugh, because Saddam really is a monster. For a guy who gassed whole villiages of people he found inconvenient, sent his sons to rape and terrorize, sponsored suicide bombings, and threw political opponents into industrial shredders, "crushing heads" is far more than just a colorful metaphor.

But I can’t help it. He deserves all the mockery and ridicule we can manage.

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Cops Heart Crown Vics

Ever wonder why police in most areas drive Ford Crown Victorias? Basically, because they’re fast, tough, roomy, and cheap. Civillians can still buy the Crown Victoria or the upscale Mercury Marqis, but the biggest customers by far are police departments and taxi companies. It’s an interesting example of a nearly obsolete type of vehicle – a
rear-wheel drive, body-on-frame, full-size sedan – that continues to be made because it’s found a successful niche market.

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Five years later

It’s been five years since a group of medieval fascist throwbacks learned how to fly airplanes, with the sole purpose of killing as many innocents as possible. I was far away from the chaos and death of the WTC and the Pentagon, my wife-to-be was at College Park, Maryland, not far from DC. Like many others I expected more attacks, and I was frightened for her safety. She came home that weekend and I was never more relieved to see her. When I watch that footage today I can’t help but wish I could make it not happen, somehow. I dreamt about firing up the time machine in the basement and desperately heading off disaster, or imagined that in some alternate Earth a Superman or Captain America appeared at the last minute and saved the day. But that’s not real, and wishing doesn’t make it so. We don’t have time travellers or superheroes to save the world, just brave men and women who live in the present, and who die as easily as the rest of us.

strange how so much can change, and how other things can stay the
same. Five years ago my own views on national security, privacy, and
foreign policy were different than they are today. That day, like many others, I finally realized that we were at war, and
that we’d actually been at war with these same people for years, and that these issues were more than academic talking points to be debated at our leisure.  Afganistan and Iraq are hot wars, easy to see and debate and second-guess. It’s clear to me that both of those countries are far better off today thanks to our intervention, and that we’re safer because of it. There are other battles being fought, as well, and it may be decades before we know how many attacks have been thwarted, how many games of chess we’ve played and won in what’s
become a new kind of Cold War, being fought on shadowy virtual battlefields across the world. I don’t know how long it’ll take, and to be honest, I don’t really care how long it takes. I just know that we have to win.

The blogosphere is filled with insightful and interesting commentary on today’s anniversary. Here are some of the best I’ve seen. Just visit them and keep scrolling.


The Anchoress

Dean’s World – –

Hot Air

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An interview with President Bush

OpinionJournal has a brief but interesting interview with the President. A quote:

"I would remind the critics of
the freedom agenda that the policy prior to September 11th was
stability for the sake of stability: Let us not worry about the form of
government. Let us simply worry about whether or not the world appears
stable, whether or not we achieve short-term geopolitical gain," he
says. "And it looked like that policy was working, and, frankly, it
made some sense when it came to dealing with the Middle East vis-à-vis
the Communists.

"The problem with that philosophy,
or that foreign policy, was that beneath the surface boiled resentment
and hatred, and that resentment and hatred helped fuel this radical
Islam, and the radical Islam is what ended up causing the attacks that
killed 3,000 of our citizens. So I vowed, and made the decision that
not only would we stay on the offense and . . . get these people before
they could attack us again. But in the long run the only way to make
sure your grandchildren are protected, Paul, is to win the battle of
ideas, is to defeat the ideology of hatred and resentment."

via Dean

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