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Vaccinations and obligations

I swear, if stuff like this keeps up we’re going to have a major epidemic sooner or later. I don’t understand parents (and other adults) who claim to be afraid of vaccinations yet apparently never consider the alternative – that your child can get a life-threatening illness and pass it along to someone else. And someone else…and another someone else.

While my social attitudes lean toward small-l libertarian on most things lately I’m turning into a hardliner on vacciations. Make them mandatory again for all kids and adults, at least those in sensitive industries. And then protect the pharma companies against lawsuits so they don’t get sued into the ground with junk science. Yes, some tiny fraction of people will have a bad reaction. The same holds true for any medical treatment or drug. That’s tragic, but the risks are way overblown, and the "evidence" that discourages people from getting their kids vaccinated is just supersitious fearmongering. There’s no good reason for killers like TB, polio, and whooping cough
to be hanging around in first-world countries in the 21st century.

I’m hoping that reporting case like this will help people see that the threat of
disease is real, while the possibility of serious side effects is, in comparison, very
remote. Maybe that’s what it takes to get people to care about vaccinations again.

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I Walk the Line

Levi’s has a really nice set of TV comercials for their Straight Leg jeans. All three  feature covers of Johnny Cash’s "Walk the Line". There’s a female version, a male version, and, finally, a duet. I usually fast-forward through commercials, but when I first heard the male version I couldn’t help but stop and watch. The female version is just as good.

The takes on the song are new, but I think the ads do a very effective job portraying the original’s theme of unswerving faithfulness to the one you love. When many commercials seem to be designed for pure shock value there’s something unashamedly and refreshingly old-fashioned about the sentiment and the treatment, right down to the scene where the guy slows his determined stride to walk patiently behind the old couple. I like it.

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Down on the Dow

Dow Hits New HighWomen, Minorities Hardest Hit

It’s an old joke, I know, but putting a spin like that on a good news story requires a special kind of journalistic talent.

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