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Wow, this is really pretty: Frans Lanting | LIFE A Journey Through Time (click on "Start the Journey" to begin.)

This is a beautiful slide show of nature photography by Frans Lanting, arranged with a musical score to illustrate the development of life on Earth.

Not only is the photography technically excellent, it also has that spark of emotion and compositional flair that’s sometimes missing from this type of photography. I think you’ll enjoy it.

via Concerning Photography, always an interesting photography blog.

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The Vice President of the Baltimore City Council, Democrat Robert W. Curran, wants to give the mayor the power to declare street lockdowns, store closures, and restrictions on public gatherings in Baltimore City. This is to curb "gun violence" and help bring down the rising murder rate. If Willie Don were dead he’d be rolling in his grave.

Obviously this seems overboard to me. I’ve lived in Maryland all my life and the last people I’d trust with this sort of authority is the permanent, unchallenged Democratic majority in charge of Baltimore City. They’re about as dense and politically inbred group of politicians as you’ll find anywhere. For decades they’ve been championing all sorts of gun restrictions and, as usual, their efforts have only made the murder rate go up. And now to fix the mess they’ve helped cause they want the authority to nullify the rest of the Bill of Rights, too. 

Via Instapundit – it’s a Quagmire!

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Hello world!

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Like a lot of their humor, this New Yorker cover comes off as rather superficial. Or maybe I just don’t get it.

I assume the humorous implication is that the couple on the cover is ignoring the real thing right there in favor of the tiny screen, but that doesn’t really make sense. They are there in the museum, after all, so they clearly appreciate the art. Is it the fact that they’re taking a picture that’s funny? Taking photos to remember a notable experience has been pretty common for a couple decades now, and it’s not particularly amusing by itself. I guess it must be the digital camera. Really, though, what’s supposed to make looking an digital camera’s LCD display funnier or more worthy of wry artistic commentary than a traditional camera viewfinder would be? Is it uncool to check and see if you got a good picture? Is it classier to buy a postcard at the gift shop instead? What, exactly, is the point?

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