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If civilization collapsed and we had to rebuild electronics technology from scratch, I’d want this guy on my team.


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The Cartoon Network is showing this classic 60’s Japanese cartoon in their late night lineup. The plots are weird, like a giant robotic sea serpent kidnapping people for a forced mining operation, run by guys in what look like Klan outfits. But it’s oddly entertaining, and the visual design has an interesting proto-anime look that I like. Not quite as stylized as more recent Japanese animation. Here’s the title sequence and the English version of the theme song.

There you go AstroBoy,
On your flight into space.
Rocket high, Through the sky,
What adventures soon you will face.

AstroBoy bombs away,
On your mission today.
Here’s a count-down, and a blast-off.
Everything is go, Astro Boy!

AstroBoy as you fly,
Strange new worlds you will spy.
Atom-celled, Jet propelled,
Fighting monsters high in the sky.

AstroBoy there you go,
Will you fight friend or foe,
Cosmic Ranger, Laugh at Danger,
Everything is go, Astro Boy!
Crowds will cheer you, You’re a hero,
As you go, go, GO ASTROBOY!!!

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Homemade Star Wars

This is a very cool Star Wars remake filmed in 8mm. Complete with homemade costumes, sets, and special effects.

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You know those “ghost hunting” shows that are so stupid that they’re worth watching just so you can make fun of them? Well, A&E’s “Paranormal State” is so stupid that it’s not even fun. It’s just sad. This review sums it up pretty well. I’ll warn you that there’s some unjustified Christian-bashing in the comments and some strong language, but this show deserves it.

Action Skeptics: Action Review: “Paranormal State”

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Iowa’s undemocratic caucuses are no way to choose a presidential candidate. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine

The process might be a good way for Iowa to pick its party convention delegates, though I frankly doubt even that. It is an absolutely terrible way in which to select candidates for the presidency, and it makes the United States look and feel like a banana republic both at home and overseas.

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Happy 2008!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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