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The Illustrations of Roberto Osti [Slide Show]: Scientific American

I love these sorts of illustrations.

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Rachel Lucas is exactly right

I do not believe you’re going to teach anyone a “lesson” by sitting this one out or writing in Fred Thompson or Sunny Lucas. I believe that way too many people are ignoring the forest for the trees and that in doing so, they’re going to have a hand in electing Obama. Some say that’s fine because if the country’s going to be “ruined”, better that it’s ruined by a Democrat, and somehow magically we’ll come up with a fantastic, “real” conservative in 4 years even though there is no one like that on the horizon and everyone knows it. Like I said, I think that’s a super-crappy plan.

And when you consider that there’s a war on, it’s becomes even crappier, if that’s possible. I’m a pretty conservative guy and I disagree with McCain on plenty of things. The crybaby contingent of Republicans, who prefer to “punish” the country because they can’t re-elect the ghost of Ronald Reagan, are really getting on my nerves. They have elevated their own base self-interest and petty squabbles above the needs of the country, and for members of the party that that is unforgivable.

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Have starcrossed young lovers Ann Margaret and D-FENS found true happiness? Find out in our next exciting issue!

LILEKS (James) :: Institute :: Funny Books

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Mars Craft Succeeds in Soft Landing

Does this mean it’s now safe from the dreaded Curse of Mars?

More here from Rand Simberg.

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You know the big problem with our country today? Sugar doesn’t cost nearly enough. There’s nothing worse than going into the store and seeing sugar priced too low. Fortunately Congress is here to help.

this and much more via The Corner at National Review

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He’ll be your friend forever! Whenever!

The amazing (?) Newton household robot, from 1989.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.paleofuture.com posted with vodpod

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“When we got it, it was two hunks of metal stuck together. We couldn’t even tell it was a hard drive. It was burned and the edges were melted,” said Edwards, an engineer at Kroll Ontrack Inc., outside Minneapolis. “It looked pretty bad at first glance, but we always give it a shot.”

Data from Columbia disk drives survived the shuttle accident – Yahoo! News

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And at a university, of all places:


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Some Hawaiian activists who miss their former monarchy are making a nuisance of themselves.

Let’s just hope they don’t give those Texian holdouts any ideas. Remember the Alamo!

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