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The Tunguska Event was 100 years ago today, in 1908. A rock fell from the sky, exploded in midair, and devastated a huge swath of Siberia with a 5-megaton blast. Had it hit a populated area it could have been a catastrophe.

It could happen again, with little or no warning, at any time. Unfortunately, despite a century to prepare and a number of close calls, we are not ready to do anything about it.

And I can’t help but think it’s because many in the public and the government think the idea of asteroids from space are funny. I suspect that the earthquakes, firestorms, tsunamis, and general death on a massive scale are not going to be all that amusing after the fact.

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Behold The Great Seal Of Obama

Obama’s stylin’ new seal is a lot like the real thing, but now with hopeful wooshes! And his own inspiring campaign motto replaces that old, stodgy concept of unity and cooperation.

Some people might find that a bit arrogant and presumptuous, but they’re probably racists anyway.

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Dandy Warhols

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Firefox 3 is out today

So go get it!

I’ve been running the final release candidates on my machine at work for a couple weeks.

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I was thinking along these same lines myself. So, any rumors about Iowans resorting to cannibalism yet?

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I was reminded of this advertisement when I read this post over at neoneocon.

“Puts on pounds and inches of firm solid flesh without overeating!”

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The top-10 Worst Male-Bashing Ads on television.

When I saw the most offensive on, the Dairy Queen commercial, on television I was really taken aback. When will advertisers realize that insulting 50% of the population might not be the best way to attract customers?

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This song by Merle Travis was a hit back in 1947. Many people today may not realize that it’s filled with sly references to all sorts of popular advertising slogans of the day.

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Here’s an annotated version of the song’s lyrics with links to the references that listeners of the time would’ve recognized right away.

Merle Travis – 1947

So round, so firm, so fully packed
The chorus and title of the song were a widely used advertising slogan for Lucky Strike cigarettes. Here’s one of their ads from 1948. We’ll see a few other cigarette references too.

That’s my gal
So complete from front to back
That’s my pal

Toasted by the sun
Another Lucky Strike catchphrase.
And I’m a son-of-a-gun
If she don’t make my 5 o’clock shadow
Come around at 1

You can bet your boots I’d walk a mile
Camel cigarettes used that one for a long, long time.
Through the snow
Just to see her toothbrush smile
They mentioned on the radio

If you don’t think she’s a lot of fun
Just ask the man that owns one
That’s Packard’s line.
So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s my gal

So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s for me
She’s just like a money-back

Like a bar fly goes for a drink
Like the bobby-sox goes for Frank
Not an ad slogan, but a reference to crooner Frank Sinatra
Just like Jesse James would go
For money in the bank

From head to foot she’s perfect size
She’s a whiz
Always wears a 45
Gun that is
I suspect he actually had something more like this in mind.

She’s got the look that’s so impressive
She’s got the pause that’s so refreshin’
Have a Coke and a smile.
So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s my gal

She’s done told me that I’m top hand
Won’t be long ’til she wears my brand
So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s my gal

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Bryan & Steph

Bryan & Steph

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Me and my lovely wife. An informal portrait taken for the relatives.

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One of Steph’s photos. Scary, isn’t it?

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