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The Tunguska Event was 100 years ago today, in 1908. A rock fell from the sky, exploded in midair, and devastated a huge swath of Siberia with a 5-megaton blast. Had it hit a populated area it could have been a catastrophe.

It could happen again, with little or no warning, at any time. Unfortunately, despite a century to prepare and a number of close calls, we are not ready to do anything about it.

And I can’t help but think it’s because many in the public and the government think the idea of asteroids from space are funny. I suspect that the earthquakes, firestorms, tsunamis, and general death on a massive scale are not going to be all that amusing after the fact.

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Behold The Great Seal Of Obama

Obama’s stylin’ new seal is a lot like the real thing, but now with hopeful wooshes! And his own inspiring campaign motto replaces that old, stodgy concept of unity and cooperation.

Some people might find that a bit arrogant and presumptuous, but they’re probably racists anyway.

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Dandy Warhols

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Scientist", posted with vodpod

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Firefox 3 is out today

So go get it!

I’ve been running the final release candidates on my machine at work for a couple weeks.

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I was thinking along these same lines myself. So, any rumors about Iowans resorting to cannibalism yet?

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I was reminded of this advertisement when I read this post over at neoneocon.

“Puts on pounds and inches of firm solid flesh without overeating!”

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The top-10 Worst Male-Bashing Ads on television.

When I saw the most offensive on, the Dairy Queen commercial, on television I was really taken aback. When will advertisers realize that insulting 50% of the population might not be the best way to attract customers?

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