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The Obama campaign, whether by design or religious fervor, has a very disturbing habit of seeking to silence critics rather than engage them. I suppose it does get annoying to hear people say mean things about you when you’re accustomed to having an adoring media suppress all those confusing and inconvenient facts.

The latest and most outrageous example are Obama Truth Squads in Missouri. These are government employees, including law enforcement, taking it upon themselves to hunt down and threaten people who say unflattering and “false” things about the Obama/Biden campaign. Watch the video here, including the happy-cheerful tone of the story, and tell me that doesn’t creep you out.

Fortunately the Governor of Missouri has made it clear that this is unacceptable. Will that stop the Truth Squad from threatening people and chilling speech? Considering they only have to get away with it for about 40 more days I suspect they’ll keep it up.

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I think McCain definitely won this one. It’s probably overstating things to say that Obama “imploded“, but he did say some things that I think he’ll regret when they’re rightfully pointed out by the McCain campaign. (I’m sure that some parts of his base are not happy to hear his backhanded admission that we’re winning in Iraq or his “support” for nuclear power.)

McCain did very well on the initial economic questions. He was forceful and clear about the need for bipartisan reform, tax relief, and serious spending cuts (including wasteful military programs). By comparison, every time Obama was asked about what he would cut he responded by blaming Bush (he should remember that Bush is not running) and promising even more spending.

What struck me me most was how shallow Obama’s foreign policy answers actually seemed compared to McCain’s. McCain’s a walking encyclopedia on every international hot-spot of the last 25 years. Obama skimmed through the Democratic Party Cliff Notes edition.

It’s also becoming clear that Obama cannot admit when he is wrong about anything. Not Iraq, not the surge, not “no preconditions” with Iran, not his initial criticism of Georgia defending itself against Russian invasion. Obama did, however, spend a whole lot of time pointing out all the times McCain was right. 🙂

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Google supports gay marriage

Official Google Blog: Our position on California’s No on 8 campaign

And I’m ok with that. If gay people want to get married, I say let them. The commitment of marriage is good for the community as a whole, regardless of the genders involved.

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Opinion seems mixed on McCain’s decision to temporarily suspend his campaign and return to DC. I think McCain’s critics are missing the point.

In light of the most recent news, with Obama joining him in DC, I think McCain was angling for pretty much the result we just got, though it was quite a gamble. Despite their initial burst of bipartisan panic, the Democrats, in their position of control, have done nothing but hang back and wait for some political advantage to use against the Republicans. I think the Democrats did, in fact, want to force McCain to publicly approve or reject the plan so they’d be able to use the bailout as a political weapon. They might have even rejected it entirely if they thought it’d win the election. I think McCain saw this as playing brinksmanship with the economy, and decided that drastic action needed to be taken to break the deadlock before momentum was lost and the economy suffered.

So McCain makes his dramatic announcement and persuades Bush call Obama back to DC. Obama stuck with goin on record at the same time as McCain, and they’re now bound to get something done despite the reluctance of their respective party leaders. Both parties now have symbolic cover for whatever blame/credit there is to go around. And a bailout plan of some sort gets passed, which is what McCain really cares about.

I wrote the above as a comment on this post over at The Anchoress. As I typed it (I’m slow) the Anchoress posted this important update which makes me think that I am on the right track:

Bush speech on bailout; URGENT UPDATE | The Anchoress

I suspect that is exactly correct. Paulson’s not just making up scary stories to frighten us. The rest of the world is getting spooked, and things are much, much closer to real disaster than we know. When the history books are written this may be the economic equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis – days away from a terrible fate and the country never even knew. In other words, this isn’t just another campaign issue and can’t be analyzed as such. It’s a national security issue, and McCain does not screw around when it comes to national security. I think he’d gladly sacrifice his campaign if he thought it would save the country. Let’s hope he didn’t have to.

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Wow, this is a really great little story. Someone going out of their way – from all the way on the other side of the world, in fact – just to do something nice for someone they’d never even met. Be sure and read the scanned letter, too.

The Online Photographer: The Amazing Gift of Woo Lai Wah

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I could survive for 1 minute, 16 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

How Long Could You Survive Chained to a Bunk Bed with a Velociraptor?

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The moron who hacked into Governor Palin’s personal email account (discovering such horrible abuses of office as photos of her children) has apparently been identified and, not surprisingly, there’s a tie to the Democratic Party.

All no thanks to the Associated Press, who notoriously refused to cooperate with the Secret Service in this investigation. The AP also chose to frame the whole story as, essentially, “the stupid chick was asking for it”. When pressed on the issue by Michelle Malkin the reporter helpfully clarified his completely objective and nonpartisian views: Yeah, it’s all Palin’s fault.

Fascinating. I suspect this brave stance against the victims of serious crimes signals an exciting new trend in AP’s reporting style. Look for these AP wires stories to appear soon in a paper near you:

“Burglary Victim Faces Serious Questions Over Unbarred Windows”

“Local Teen Incited Attackers With Swimwear, Uncovered Head”

“Shooting Death Reveals Grandmother Never Purchased Bulletproof Vest”

“Family Killed By Drunk Driver Should Have Been Home In Bed On School Night”

“Fatal Kindergarten Bombing Reduces Surplus Of Whining, Dirty Children”

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The Obama campaign has been astroturfing the “Pilate was a Governor, Jesus was a community organizer” line for a couple weeks now. I’m not a Biblical scholar, but 12 years in a Christan school left me with enough residual knowledge to know that it was historically nonsensical, as well as just plain dumb. Here’s a great article that explains why: Pajamas Media » Pontius Palin and Messiah Obama

I want to emphasize that Jesus was in no way a “community organizer”. There were many people at the time of Jesus who expected a Messiah to establish an earthly kingdom which would overthrow the might of the Roman Empire. Jesus frustrated these ambitions by refusing to do this, and by insisting that his kingdom was not of this world. When He was brought before Pilate to be sentenced to death Pilate was indifferent because he quickly realized Jesus was no threat to Roman authority. When the angry mob demanded the death of Jesus, this was Pilate’s reaction :

Matthew 27:24
When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.

Pilate was not actually innocent, of course, but at that point he just wanted the whole situation to go away. He avoided making a decision that would further anger the crowd because he just didn’t care all that much. In essence, yes, Pilate is the guy who voted “Present”.

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A photo from NASA showing smoke and dust billowing from Ground Zero. And some appropriate words from James Lileks:

“The world will not end. It will roll around in its orbit until Sol expires of famine or indigestion. In the end we’re all ash anyway – but even as ash, we matter. The picture at the top of this page is a sliver taken from a 9/11 camera feed. It’s the cloud that rolled through lower Manhatttan when the towers fell. Paper, steel, furniture, plastic, people. The man who took the picture inhaled the dust of the dead. Somewhere lodged in the lung of a New Yorker is an atom that once belonged to a man who went to work two years ago and never came back. His widow dreads today, because people will be coming and calling, and she’ll have to insist that she’s okay. It’s hard but last year was harder. The kids will be sad and distant, but they take their cues from her, and they sense that it’s hard – but that last year was harder. But what really kills her, really really kills her, is knowing that the youngest one doesn’t remember daddy at all anymore. And she’s the one who has his eyes.”

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Very surreal, but well done:

Artistic Photo Gallery Of Star Trek And Star Wars Fans Dressed Up As Characters – Geekologie

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