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The Great Firewall of… Australia?

Yep, following in the footsteps of that beacon of worldwide freedom, China. And no opt-out procedure.

I had not realized that the entire population of Australia was actually composed of delicate elementary-school kids who depend on the government to “protect” them from offensive web sites. But I guess it must be true. Can we send them lollipops? Kids love lollipops.

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The Democrats’ have some wonderful plans in store for us. Just in case you were planning on, you know, saving for retirement or something ridiculous like that they have this unbelievable plan to convert private 401k’s retirement accounts into an even stupider version of Social Security:

“In exchange for $600 from Uncle Sam, you agree to give 5 percent of your income to them each year, which they will increase at 3 percent per year. You die, the government gets half. Some deal.”

I can’t believe they’d even consider this, but it’s true. Why would they do such a thing? Because they’ve wasted and squandered the Social Security funds that they already force us all to pay. And now, dammit, they’re sick and tired of all you deadbeats socking away that wonderful, delicious money instead of giving them the nice big share they so richly deserve! Money works so much better when it’s spread around, you see.

They have other plans, too. For example, Barney Frank just announced that come they’re going to pass a plan to raise taxes to pay for lots more spending. Oh, and they want to cut military spending by 25% too. Because we’re not, like, fighting any wars or anything important like that.

Yep, for Frank,Pelosi and Reid and their pals it’ll all be smooooth sailing as soon as both houses of Congress are completely controlled by the Democrats. They’re just hangin’ loose and chillin’ until January when Obama assumes office and that last pesky bit of disagreement is gone.

Of course, if McCain were to win, their wonderful plans for us would fall apart

But, no, that’s just silly! It’s impossible!

Isn’t it?

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Here’s a collection of some amazing solar images from various sources. Flares, flux lines of magnetic activity on the sun, and a neat animation of a comet having it’s tail torn off by a coronal mass ejection.

The Sun – The Big Picture – Boston.com

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That’s what this man, Jack Justice, says happened to him after he was whisked from his rehab center to a voting booth without any notification. Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to confirm because the only two people in the booth were him and the person who was supposed to facilitate his vote.

So, we’ve got this. And the continuing scandals surrounding ACORN. And the 200,000 unverified registrations that Susan Brenner in Ohio hid away for two years and went to the Supreme Court to avoid having to check. Oh, and places with more registered voters than actual living adults. Anyway, with all this suspicious activity going on, you may be wondering what Obama has to say about the subject. Wonder no longer. His campaign is now asking the DOJ to investigate the people who are making allegations of voting and registration fraud.

Read that carefully. He doesn’t want them to investigate these reports of fraud. He wants them to investigate the people reporting the fraud. Because, apparently, exposing voter fraud is a bad thing and should be punished. Because doing things like exposing massive voter registration fraud by ACORN is an attempt to “suppress the vote”. We certainly wouldn’t want “supress” voting by dead people, nonexistent people, and residents of otehr states! Heck, we’d better let ’em vote two or three times, just to be on the safe side.

Are you a voter out there somewhere who thinks you’ve seen something fishy? They’re watching for you. Better keep your head down and your mouth shut. After all, you saw what happened to the plumber.

UPDATE: The McCain campaign has issued a response to Obama’s bizarre statement. Here’s part of it:

“The letter’s request that the Department of Justice investigate ‘recent partisan Republican activities throughout the country’ is almost a parody of the Obama campaign’s attempt to intimidate their political opponents. In case Sen. Obama’s lawyer did not notice, we are in the midst of a political campaign, not a coronation, and the alleged criminal activity he calls ‘recent partisan Republican activities’ are what the rest of us call campaign speeches and debates. “

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What? John McCain can be Funny?

Seriously, watch the video. When he lets his sense of humor show he does a great job. He has a couple really good lines about Joe the Plumber, the Clintons, and (of course) Obama. Hillary seems to have loved it. Obama laughs along for a while but his sense of humor seems to wane as the subject turns toward him…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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What happens when an ordinary guy dares to embarrass the candidate of Hope and Change? Well, apparently his supporters, friends his in the national media, and his political allies in the government will vigorously punish such dissent. They’ll hand out your home address and personal information. They’ll pry into your finances. They’ll search your past for things to exploit. They’ll sneer you and your dreams. And then they’ll destroy your livelihood.

Keep your head down and your mouth shut and they’ll endure your existence. But come between Obama and his glorious Destiny, and his rabidly unethical supporters will spare no effort to make sure you and your family all get what’s coming to them.

Sadly there are some countries in this world where ordinary citizens who ask the wrong politician the wrong question are harassed and driven to ruin. Obama’s America is of them

Update: Since Joe The Plumber has been especially embarassing, Obama himself has now decided to publically mock him and his profession. And his audience, who love the working class so long as they know their place, all seemed to love it. Watch the video. It’s disgraceful.

“He’s trying to suggest that a plumber is the guy he’s fighting for,” Obama said. “How many plumbers you know that are making a quarter-million dollars a year?”

Yeah, imagine a plumber’s business making as much as a respectable member of society, like a doctor or a Senator. What a hoot! What would a guy who’s a plumber do with that kind of money anyway? They’d never even get invited to the good parties. And, really, how many shabby trailer homes and cheap sixpacks can one plumber really want? Clearly other less uppity people with better professions are way more deserving of that money. And Obama will see that they get it.

McCain comes to Joe’s defense:

“It’s an outrage that the Obama campaign and the media are attacking Joe the Plumber for asking a legitimate question of a presidential candidate. This is why voters still have so many questions about Barack Obama. Instead of answering tough questions, his campaign attacks average Americans for daring to look at the reality behind his words, said Tucker Bounds, spokesman the McCain-Palin campaign. “John McCain will continue to fight on behalf of all hardworking Americans like Joe for policies geared toward increasing prosperity and reducing the burden on taxpayers — not ‘spreading the wealth around’ for Senator Government to distribute as he sees fit.”

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Stretch food dollar further with one-pot meals for under $10

The Chicken Bake looks pretty good. Also read the comments for a few reader submissions.

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