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Stretch food dollar further with one-pot meals for under $10

The Chicken Bake looks pretty good. Also read the comments for a few reader submissions.

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An interesting list from the NYT.

I already enjoy pumpkin seeds, sardines, and cinnamon (though not at the same time). I think I could get used to cabbage on my sandwiches and beets in my salad, too.

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You know the big problem with our country today? Sugar doesn’t cost nearly enough. There’s nothing worse than going into the store and seeing sugar priced too low. Fortunately Congress is here to help.

this and much more via The Corner at National Review

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That’s the policy of African leaders:

Reason Magazine – Demon Seed

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Why are portion sizes so large? Transterrestrial Musings expounds on the economics and explains why running a fast food business has a lot in common with launching a space shuttle.

I don’t mind large portion sizes because, like many of the commenters, my wife and I almost always get doggie bags (well, styrofoam boxes) when we eat out. Last night’s dinner is usually tomorrow’s lunch.

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I’ve been to the Library of Congress web site many times but I never noticed this cool recipe section: Immigrations – The great American Potluck. Lots of traditional recipes contributed by immigrants from all around the world. (seen here)

And this week’s Carnival of the Recipes is also up, with lots more yummy sounding things to eat and drink.

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Upchuck with 7up!

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, since I’m making this all up, but  back in 1953 there was apparently a sudden massive surplus of Seven-Up. Maybe they discovered a lost cache of soda in a hidden storage room deep beneath 7-Up Castle. Maybe a Coca-Cola double agent sabotaged the books. Whatever happened, it left the company with far more 7-Up than anyone could possibly drink.

Something had be done. The answer? Cooking with Seven-up! James Lileks has all the distubing, fizzy, all-family details.

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