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Have starcrossed young lovers Ann Margaret and D-FENS found true happiness? Find out in our next exciting issue!

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Speaker Pelosi’s favorite Earth Day Biblical passage has drawn some attention:

Biblical Scholars Challenge Pelosis Scripture Quote — 04/23/2008

I suspect her verse appears right after Ezekiel 25:17, or maybe somewhere before Armaments 2:21.

It’s easy enough to check these things using free online concordances, if accuracy is important to you. Of course there’s really no need to attribute it to the Bible at all.

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Then only outlaws will have Laser Cats:

hulu: SNL Digital Short: Laser Cats 3: Saturday Night Live

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Big breasts win verdict for Japanese pin-up – Yahoo! News

TOKYO (AFP) – A Japanese pin-up model says that her big breasts have not only boosted her career — they also helped her overturn a court verdict.

The bikini model, who goes by her professional name Serena Kozakura, was cleared after a court decided she was too well-endowed to squeeze into a room through a hole, as she had been found guilty of earlier.

Japan is a strange place.

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This was the first Weird Al song I ever heard, listening to the Doctor Demento show late one night on my radio. What a crazy fluke!

Vodpod videos no longer available. from video.google.com posted with vodpod

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And so it goes.

Post election, some probing questions from Jim Treacher:

Does Nancy Pelosi ever wear a fake flower on her lapel that shoots acid? Because that would really be a surprise for Batman when he’s hauling her to Commissioner Gordon’s office.

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And a side of Cowboy Leg. Yes, those are just two of the delicious selections on this Chinese steakhouse menu. Yum!

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