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Music is The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky, animation from Disney’s Fantasia 2000.

YouTube – Fantasia-Firebird

And a video of the man himself conducting a performance of this piece at age 83.

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YouTube – Asteroid Impact HD

The song is “The Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd.

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YouTube – BNL and Boston Pops – Do They Know It’s Christ/Oh Holy Night

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What a cool video. Early rap/hip-hop, before all the idiot gangstas turned the genre into tedious mysogonistic crap.I’ve never seen this before, but apparently it was done in one continuous take with a steadycam. Click on the video for the YouTube page with the full lyrics and more info. via The Anchoress

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Dandy Warhols

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more about "Scientist", posted with vodpod

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This song by Merle Travis was a hit back in 1947. Many people today may not realize that it’s filled with sly references to all sorts of popular advertising slogans of the day.

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more about “So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed“, posted with vodpod

Here’s an annotated version of the song’s lyrics with links to the references that listeners of the time would’ve recognized right away.

Merle Travis – 1947

So round, so firm, so fully packed
The chorus and title of the song were a widely used advertising slogan for Lucky Strike cigarettes. Here’s one of their ads from 1948. We’ll see a few other cigarette references too.

That’s my gal
So complete from front to back
That’s my pal

Toasted by the sun
Another Lucky Strike catchphrase.
And I’m a son-of-a-gun
If she don’t make my 5 o’clock shadow
Come around at 1

You can bet your boots I’d walk a mile
Camel cigarettes used that one for a long, long time.
Through the snow
Just to see her toothbrush smile
They mentioned on the radio

If you don’t think she’s a lot of fun
Just ask the man that owns one
That’s Packard’s line.
So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s my gal

So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s for me
She’s just like a money-back

Like a bar fly goes for a drink
Like the bobby-sox goes for Frank
Not an ad slogan, but a reference to crooner Frank Sinatra
Just like Jesse James would go
For money in the bank

From head to foot she’s perfect size
She’s a whiz
Always wears a 45
Gun that is
I suspect he actually had something more like this in mind.

She’s got the look that’s so impressive
She’s got the pause that’s so refreshin’
Have a Coke and a smile.
So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s my gal

She’s done told me that I’m top hand
Won’t be long ’til she wears my brand
So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s my gal

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This was the first Weird Al song I ever heard, listening to the Doctor Demento show late one night on my radio. What a crazy fluke!

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Very Superstitious

The 70’s were far from perfect, but the decade had its moments. Say what you will about the excesses of disco, but there was some fine music to be found. For example,things got mighty funky when Stevie Wonder visited Sesame Street and went all out with an awesome live performance. Dig it.

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He had a tiger by the tail.

Buck Owens has died at age 76. He doesn’t get enough credit for his contributions to music, but he was a very influential guy in the country music scene. His style strongly inspired my own favorite country artist, Dwight Yoakam.

Florida Cracker has a nice post here.

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