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Eyes In the Skies

Bizarre face formed in sky through cloud formation | The Sun |News

Uh oh. I think we’ve seen that guy before. And it wasn’t even a very good episode.

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A nifty series of photos from the Chicago Tribune featuring cutting-edge futuristic technology that had to wait a while before it made the impact the inventors hoped.

High-tech once upon a time — chicagotribune.com

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Here’s a collection of some amazing solar images from various sources. Flares, flux lines of magnetic activity on the sun, and a neat animation of a comet having it’s tail torn off by a coronal mass ejection.

The Sun – The Big Picture – Boston.com

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I guess we should be happy that they didn’t come after the guy with torches and pitchforks:

Slashdot | Home Science Under Attack In Massachusetts

In fairness. though. the post on Slashdot is a little sensationalistic (yeah, big surprise). According to the original article firefighters were called to this guy’s home for an unrelated fire. They saw a bunch of chemicals, some of which may not have been stored properly, and were understandably concerned that there might be something bad going on.

That said, his chemicals should be returned. And they shouldn’t be allowed to invoke vague zoning requirements to shut the guy down, either. That would make sense for an industrial operation, but I think it’s an abuse of power to use them to shut down home labs. There’s no zoning requirement for intellectual curiosity.

As a film photographer this sort of precident worries me. There’s nothing particularly dangerous in the darkroom chemicals used for photography, and the quantities are tiny. They’re no more dangerous than bug spray or household cleansers, and if you don’t drink them they’re perfectly safe. But photographers who do their own wet printing, alternative processes, or who mix their own developers from scratch (not too difficult, there are only a few basic ingredients) might have enough bottles and vials around to scare the Chemicals Are Evil brigade. We don’t want to see harmless home darkrooms busted up like illegal moonshine stills.

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FBI: We Don’t Have Tesla’s Death Ray | Threat Level from Wired.com

Uh oh. If they don’t have it, WHO DOES? (CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC)

“Don’t be ridiculous! The death ray we use here at the FBI is a completely different model.”

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Rand Simberg, my favorite blogger for things space and science related, points out the flaws in counting on an “Apollo Program for energy” as a serious solution.

But my favorite is when I hear people call for a “Manhattan Project for energy”. We already had one of those about 65 years ago, and it found a cheap, clean, nearly limitless source of power. We called it the “Manhattan Project“.

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Hubble Kaleidoscope Finds Evidence Of Space Looking All Crazy | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Despite excitement over the discovery that space is all crazy-looking, a number of legislators have threatened to cut funding for NASA’s kaleidoscopic program. An outspoken critic of the agency, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said she hopes NASA scientists don’t just use the kaleidoscope a few times and then lose interest and never touch it again, like they did with the Brookhaven Neutrino Spirograph, Fermilab’s Particle Slingshot, and the Very Large Slip ‘n Slide Array in New Mexico.

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The Tunguska Event was 100 years ago today, in 1908. A rock fell from the sky, exploded in midair, and devastated a huge swath of Siberia with a 5-megaton blast. Had it hit a populated area it could have been a catastrophe.

It could happen again, with little or no warning, at any time. Unfortunately, despite a century to prepare and a number of close calls, we are not ready to do anything about it.

And I can’t help but think it’s because many in the public and the government think the idea of asteroids from space are funny. I suspect that the earthquakes, firestorms, tsunamis, and general death on a massive scale are not going to be all that amusing after the fact.

via Instapundit

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Dandy Warhols

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more about "Scientist", posted with vodpod

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The Illustrations of Roberto Osti [Slide Show]: Scientific American

I love these sorts of illustrations.

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