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Georgia on my mind…

I’m away with my lovely new wife on our honeymoon on St. Simons Island, Georgia. My sister is house- and cat-sitting for us. Posting will be light to nonexistent until I return.


A view of the beach from our rear deck. I’ll post some more pictures as I have time. Darn modem connections!

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I’d forgotten all about this cool geographic reference site until I saw the new name search feature mentioned on the always interesting Pop Culture Junk Mail.

I know that there are places named Bryan (and even spelled right). But oddly enough there are alsotwo towns named Costin.

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I have nothing to contribute to a discussion of New York architecture, probably because I’ve never been there, but this is a fascinating place to hang out. Interesting discussions with excellent photos, including vintage pictures that show how various prominent buildings looked when they were first built.

New York City Skyscrapers and Architecture

and the forum for the same topic:

Wired New York – View Forum – New York Skyscrapers and Architecture

(via Lileks)

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