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The moron who hacked into Governor Palin’s personal email account (discovering such horrible abuses of office as photos of her children) has apparently been identified and, not surprisingly, there’s a tie to the Democratic Party.

All no thanks to the Associated Press, who notoriously refused to cooperate with the Secret Service in this investigation. The AP also chose to frame the whole story as, essentially, “the stupid chick was asking for it”. When pressed on the issue by Michelle Malkin the reporter helpfully clarified his completely objective and nonpartisian views: Yeah, it’s all Palin’s fault.

Fascinating. I suspect this brave stance against the victims of serious crimes signals an exciting new trend in AP’s reporting style. Look for these AP wires stories to appear soon in a paper near you:

“Burglary Victim Faces Serious Questions Over Unbarred Windows”

“Local Teen Incited Attackers With Swimwear, Uncovered Head”

“Shooting Death Reveals Grandmother Never Purchased Bulletproof Vest”

“Family Killed By Drunk Driver Should Have Been Home In Bed On School Night”

“Fatal Kindergarten Bombing Reduces Surplus Of Whining, Dirty Children”


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