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The Honor and Remember Flag

I understand the symbolism they’re invoking. But doesn’t it look like the folded flag is being set on fire? Am I the only one who thought that? Yes, I know burning is the proper way to dispose of an old or damaged flag, but that’s not appropriate for a memorial flag, so I don’t think that’s what they want to convey.

The design details aside, I don’t think it’s correct for them to say that it “should fly from every flagpole in America”. Folks who proudly fly Old Glory but do not fly this new flag would, by implication, be conveying dishonor. That the Stars & Stripes flying alone on a flagpole might be seen as insufficient does not sit well with me.

Symbols of military pride and sacrifice (like the old Blue Star Service Flag, Gold Stars, and armed forces flags) are correct and proper. But the the Stars & Stripes have served as the national symbol of honor and remembrance since the country’s founding. When you honor the country, you honor those fallen in its service. In my opinion, separating these two concepts by implying that each somehow needs its own specific symbol will only dilute the meaning of both.

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