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Some thoughts on the inauguration from the bottomless pit of self-pity and entitlement that is the far-left (emphasis mine):

Firedoglake » Worst. Inauguration. Ever.
And then, shear, crushing disappointment descends over the crowd. Unlike the smiles on all the faces you walked by on, say, election night, or in the metro last night, this crowd had to summon up all they had left after multiple hours in the cold to give a tepid ovation to the inauguration of a new president.

I know because this was how I felt. And then I felt selfish for feeling that way. But the disappointment, amplified by the cold, and the overall expenditure of energy over not just this election cycle, but the eight years of Bush misrule, really made it hard not to feel utterly crestfallen

In an unprecidented move for which he took a lot of heat, Bush approved FEMA emergency funding to make sure that President Obama’s Inauguration was better run and safer than any in history. But when the people running the show can’t manage the logistics, fail to communicate, and generally screw things up for all those people, who’s fault is it? George W. Bush, of course.

I do feel bad, on a personal level, for people who came across country to attend and had such a frustrating experience.  Given a huge, hyper-secure, and incredibly complex event like this there are going to be glitches even  under the best of circumstances. With the local DC folks and the Feds in charge you know there are going to be serious SNAFUs, especially in places where there are no embarassing TV cameras pointed.

Perhaps these disappointed folks will take this as a lesson: The government can’t plan away all the problems of the world, and the government cannot and does not care about anyone’s individual happiness. Not even with Obama in charge.


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