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Here’s a collection of some amazing solar images from various sources. Flares, flux lines of magnetic activity on the sun, and a neat animation of a comet having it’s tail torn off by a coronal mass ejection.

The Sun – The Big Picture – Boston.com


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Hubble Kaleidoscope Finds Evidence Of Space Looking All Crazy | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Despite excitement over the discovery that space is all crazy-looking, a number of legislators have threatened to cut funding for NASA’s kaleidoscopic program. An outspoken critic of the agency, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said she hopes NASA scientists don’t just use the kaleidoscope a few times and then lose interest and never touch it again, like they did with the Brookhaven Neutrino Spirograph, Fermilab’s Particle Slingshot, and the Very Large Slip ‘n Slide Array in New Mexico.

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Mars Craft Succeeds in Soft Landing

Does this mean it’s now safe from the dreaded Curse of Mars?

More here from Rand Simberg.

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